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University Training



We live in Adrian which is half way between Jackson, MI & Toledo, Ohio.  Adrian is also the home of Chapter W – The Maple City Wings.  In 2005 we purchased a Honda Shadow and put about 5,600 miles on it in two years.  In 2007 we were invited to ride with some friends and relatives at the Chapter W Toy Run.  There were quite a few Gold Wings there and we liked them enough that we started shopping. In February of 2008 we got our Wing!  We purchased our current bike which is a 2008 Titanium 1800.  One of the Chapter W members saw me (Ken) one day in a parking lot and talked to me about GWRRA and Chapter W.  He invited us to the monthly gathering where we were welcomed in.  In a few short months we were doing the Chapter Newsletter.  Before we knew it we were ACDs.  Then Chapter Couple of the Year!  That year was great fun and recognition!  Then almost at the same time we were named Chapter Directors AND Michigan District Couple of the Year!  2011 was a year we will always remember.  As District Couple we met so many great people and our extended GWRRA family grew by leaps and bounds!  It was a great honor to represent Michigan at all the Rally’s.  Next we took on the role of Michigan District Webmaster and Couple of the Year Coordinators.  That just about brings us up to date only we were again honored at Wingless Weekend with the title of Senior Chapter Directors.  What a Ride it has been!

Now, as District Trainers we recently went thru the Gold Wing University training program along with a great bunch who I’m sure will be great presenters.  We hope to work with all the past and new trainers to bring the world class training modules to the members of Michigan. Hopefully not just at the Rally/Conventions but bring some of the training directly to you the members’ right at your chapter.

If you would like a seminar presented at your chapter gathering please contact us and we will do our best to get you setup with one of our LTP or MEP trainers in Michigan.  Patti and I are also certified for REP Rider Education Program but you would need to request a REP seminar from our District Educator.

Leadership Training Program Curriculum

The LTP curriculum reflects training that focuses on leadership skills while understanding that knowledge is an enabler of those skills. Though some of the training deals specifically with skills needed in a GWRRA leadership position, other training deals with Life Skills and Member Orientation topics that will enhance the member’s life both within and outside of GWRRA. In general, our training is designed to reach visual, verbal, and kinetic learners; our goal is “something for everyone”. It is the intent of the LTP to deliver training in a professional manner and to make certain that training is a fun learning experience for all participants. 

The following training is intended to help members realize their full potential and to provide the best possible learning experience.

There are currently eight LTP training programs and more are being developed. New training ideas are constantly being considered such as; Chapter Training Vignettes, Training Videos, and WEB based Training. In the past year we have re-introduced the Training Record Cards, and expanded our training collaboration with the Operations, Rider Education, and Member Enhancement divisions. 

Officer Certification Program:

The Officers Certification Program or better known as the “OCP” is a program in the GWRRA Curriculum that is an in-depth seminar of the basic duties and responsibilities of an Operations Officer. Its main objective is to assist the Officers in the following responsibilities: Finances, Membership Enhancement. IRS Compliance, Rider Ed, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, to name a few. This is a very good program & is strongly recommended for all Officers.  The Program is 1 day in length and there is also a short “Celebration of Knowledge” at the end of the day.

Recommended Programs for those interested in GWRRA Leadership roles:



Recommended Programs for the general membership:



The Horizon Program:

The Horizon Program is a fast track overview of the core LTP curriculum with “hands on” training of practical applications, and an excellent class for potential CDs and staff. Horizon is also a great class for the general membership to learn more about teamwork, self-awareness, interpersonal communication, and building better chapters. Members learn about how to have FUN in GWRRA in a challenging day and a half course filled with lots of surprises. It is typically conducted during the winter/early spring months and not during riding season. It is an interactive program – the more everyone participates, the more everyone learns!



  • Program Overview
  • Leadership Training in GWRRA
  • LTP Curriculum Overview
  • The Instructor’s “Tool Box”
  • The Trainers Role
  • Presentation Skills
  • Lesson Plans
  • Instructional/Visual Aids
  • Hands-On Application Exercise


  • Program Overview
  • Team Building & Personal Profile
  • Expectations
  • Communications
  • Effective Meetings & Events
  • The Officer Spouse Couple
  • Hands-On Application


GWRRA Leadership Training seminars, including any new seminars submitted and approved, are the “Intellectual Property of Gold Wing Road Riders Association” and is not to be owned or copyrighted by any individual in the Association.

 If you would like more information on the modules that are available for LTP (leadership training program) please feel free to call or email.

Rick & Joy Hebner
Rick Email: sduc_rick  Home (989) 667-5752
Cell (989) 274-8202
Joy Email: sduc_joy

Cell (989) 245-7926


OCP - Officer Certification Program - March 7th 2015 - Jackson, Michigan


1st One Day Class!  Michigan Officer Certification Program January 2013



Michigan Officer Certification Program December 2011


Michigan Officer Certification Program December 2010    

Michigan October 2010 Officers Certification Program


Michigan Officer Certification Program Lansing MI April 17 & 18, 2010

The very first Officers Certification Program Region D



Newsletter and Website Training


The Michigan District recognizes that the health of a Chapter greatly depends on its ability to communicate. The ability to get the word out to your fellow members is the key to participation within your Chapter. With the age of computers and the Internet, have come some really great tools to help facilitate a Chapter's Communication needs. If you don't believe us ask what you are doing right now. You are using our Communication tool known as the Michigan District Website. Without this we would need to do a mass mailing campaign and create thousands of information booklets at the cost of thousands of dollars to equal the information contained in this website. Here are a few benefits a Chapter will realize.

  • Cost reduction through the use of electronic communications, especially in the area of postage and paper cost. Depending on the size of the Membership the cost savings can be hundreds of dollars a year.  
  • A common software source for both your electronic and hardcopy newsletters. The benefit of using a software program like "Microsoft Publisher" is that you can use it to print your hardcopy newsletters to mail to your Membership and then publish it to the District Website or the website of your choosing for others to read. With additional software like "Adobe Acrobat" you can create a printable copy of your newsletter and email it to your members.
  • Having a Chapter website allows others to find you. Other than buying advertisement through a local media source, no other tool is as affective as the Internet in letting others know who you are, where you meet and what time to find you. Just ask our previous Region D Couple of the Year, Pat and Marie Beaudoin. Four years ago after purchasing a Goldwing, Pat searched the Internet to find a Goldwing organization in his area. Through the "National GWRRA" website he found the "Michigan" website which in turn took him to the "Chapter A" website in his area. They got the scoop on Chapter A and attended a meeting, the rest is history. The Michigan Staff is truly grateful to Chapter A in having the foresight of using the web as a recruiting tool and add such a great couple to our organization.