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2020 Individual of the Year

Dale Duncan
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Last September, I was selected as the 2018-2019 Individual of the year for our chapter F-2 Davison.

I was so honored of this new position that I couldn't think of what to say.  For Real !!

As Wingless Weekend drew near, I informed our chapter that I was going to go to Wingless Weekend and go through the process for the Individual of the Year for the Michigan Team as well.

I had sent my resume to Carol Williams, who is in charge of this wonderful program in December, after Christmas, so she could have it prior to Wingless Weekend. 

Upon arrival at Lake Resort in Houghton Lake, Mi, I was greeted with open arms from everyone I ran into.  NO, I didn't hurt anyone when I ran into them.  I was over joyed with the whole program.

I had an interview with all the judges around 4:00pm on Friday afternoon.  There were three (3) sets of Judges.  Rudy & Linda Copeman from Ohio, The new International Couple of the Year from Indiana and the new 2019 District Directors of the Year from Ontario Chapter H in Canada

Each of them were excited to be a judge for us.  The interviews went quite well and later that evening we had to get up on stage and tell our little story. 

It came my turn and I was kinda nervous to get up in front of everyone, but I did it and am glad I did.  I started talking about my life since I joined the Gold Wing Road Riders

Association and I got kicked off the stage before I could finish,  I was just getting started when I had to get off the stage.  So, to make a long story short...

I was selected as the 2019 Individual of the Year for the State Team of Michigan and I am proud of that.  I will make every effort possible to meet with as many chapters as I can to promote this great program.

Thank You so much for the Judges and to Carol Williams for having such a wonderful program.  Keep up the good work - see you next year at Wingless Weekend.

Dandy Don Movin On

Mi Individual of the Year for 2019