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Chapter C - Floral City WingsWebsitenewsletters1st TuesdayLocation9:00 am Dinner
10:00 am Gathering
Chapter D2 - Howell WingsWebsiteNewsletters2nd ThursdayLocation7:00 pmFacebook
Chapter E - North Oakland WingsWebsiteNewsletters3rd ThursdayLocation6:30 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Gathering
Chapter F2 - Flag City WingsWebsiteNewsletters2nd MondayLocation5:30 pm Dinner
6:30 pm Gathering
Chapter G - Midnight RidersWebsiteNewsletter2nd SundayLocation11:30 AM for the GatheringFacebook
Chapter H2 - Downriver WingsWebsiteNewsletters4th TuesdayLocation6:30 pm Dinner
7:30 pm Gathering
Chapter J - Cascade WingsWebsiteNewsletters1st SundayLocation3:30 pm Social
4:00 pm Gathering
Chapter J2 - Shamrock WingsWebsiteNewsletter1st ThursdayLocation5:00 pmFacebook
Chapter K2 - Kountry WingsWebsiteNewsletter2nd SaturdayLocation9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Gathering
Chapter N - Port City Wing RidersWebsiteNewsletters2nd WednesdayLocation6:00 pm
Chapter Q - Sault Ste MarieWebsiteNewslettersMore info comming soon.
Chapter Q2 - Thumb RoadrunnersWebsiteNewsletters4th SundayLocation9:00 am Breakfast
9:30 am Gathering
Chapter R - Eaton County WingsWebsiteNewsletter4th SaturdayLocation8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 Gathering
Chapter R2 - Grand River RidersWebsiteNewsletters1st TuesdayLocation6:30 pmFacebook
Chapter S2 - Motor City WingsWebsite2nd & 4th SaturdayLocation9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Gathering
Chapter V - Saginaw VoyagersWebsiteNewsletter3rd WednesdayLocation6:30 pm Social
7:00 pm Gathering
Chapter W - Maple City WingsWebsiteNewsletters2nd WednesdayLocation6:00 Dinner
7:00 Gathering
Chapter Y - Wings of the NorthWebsiteNewsletters2nd SundayLocation9:00 am Breakfast
10:00 am Gathering
Chapter Z - Straits Area Road RidersWebsiteNewsletters4th SundayLocation12:00 pm Lunch
Gathering to follow lunch
Chapter Ont - H - Nights of the HatchetFacebook PageNewsletter3rd TuesdayLocation6:30 pmFacebook