Membership Enhancement

Senior District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Dennis & Gayle Jisa
Email: mec_gayle
Phone: 248-330-3245


Member Recruiting and Retention Program

The "Membership Recruiting and Retention" program is the life blood of our organization. Why you ask? Because without members there is no organization. Within GWRRA there are many incentive programs from the National to the District level, like free memberships. Our Member Enhancement Coordinators Ben & Mary Gawrylowicz, are here to serve your Recruiting and Retention needs. Please contact them with any questions you may have. The following link is a great guide on Retention by Marty Zakrajsek, National Membership Coordinator along with other important information. Trial Membership Flyer

Chapter Couple of the Year

The most visible part at all levels of GWRRA is the "Couple of the Year Program". Beginning at the Chapter level, this is a method of honoring couples for their commitment to the ideals of the GWRRA.

District Couples then have a choice to make.  The Couple no longer has to take part in the next Selection process.  They may, or may not, choose to participate in the new International selection process.  We now have an International Couple from each of the Territories, we are the Northeast Territory, and all will be honored at Wing Ding.  We encourage all the Chapters to honor your fellow Couples and participate in the "Couple of the Year Program". If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.

For more information contact: District Couple of the Year Coordinator: Carol Williams at 517-262-6314

Visit our current Michigan District Couple Of The Year Webpage!

Visit our NEW Michigan District Individual Of The Year Webpage!

Michigan District Traveling Plaque

Michigan District
Webmaster Ken Kuiper

Chapters who get involved with this program have a lot of fun with it. The intent of this plaque is to encourage Chapter visitations and travel between the District Chapters within the Michigan District. To find out more information about the "Traveling Plaque" program please contact us.

Here is a PDF file on the rules and guidelines for the Michigan District "Traveling Plaque".

Michigan District Traveling Plaque Guidelines


Where is the "Traveling Plaque" now?

Chapter Q - Wilderness Wings Sault Ste. Marie

Chapter Q

Traveling Plaque is now at Chapter Q!

On Sunday, October 26, 2021. Chapter Q members went to Chapter Z's Gathering and captured the plaque.

We are located out of the Sault Ste. Marie area and our Gatherings are held on the Third Tuesday of the month at the Scalawags 226 E. Central Ave. Mackinaw City. We start with a dinner at 6pm and then have our Gathering immediately following. Contact the Chapter Director for more details.

Web Page: Chapter Q - Wilderness Wings
Newsletter: Chapter Q Newsletter

Chapter Directors
Michael Raths

Chapter Ride Coordinator

Assistant Chapter Directors
Frank King
(906) 440-2133

Sue Hartly
Email: ds_g_sue

Click The LINKS Below for Excel version or PDF. If you have Excel on your computer you can fill it out before you print it. The spreadsheet will do the calculating for you!

If you use PDF please fill out completely and mail to us at the address on the form.



Chapter Brag Book has been discontinued


Chapter of the Year

Chapter G - Grand Rapids - Midnight Riders - 2018 Michigan District Chapter of the Year!

The Chapter of the Year selection process is in full swing. Download the Guide & Score Sheet so you know what YOUR chapter gets points for.  Set your goals and GO FOR IT!

There were changes in 2013.  Click on the following links to view the complete 2013 guide.
Chapter of the Year Program Guide & Score Sheet
Is your Chapter participating in the Chapter of the Year Program? The guide and score sheet are available for Download.

For more information contact:Dennis & Gayle Jisa Email: mec_gaylePhone: 248-330-3245

Public Relations

Having a good image in the public's eye is one of the main goals of our organization. Motorcyclists in general have tended to have a rough image, however GWRRA and other similar organizations are changing this image. GWRRA has a guide specifically designed to help you and your Chapter in dealing with the Public. Click on the link below to download your copy.

PR Guide (6th Edition)   Public Relations Presentation   Mall Show Guide

Fun Activity Program

The motto of the GWRRA is "Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge." First and foremost the GWRRA is a social organization of friends. We have an award-winning Rider Education Division to help with the "safety" aspect. We have a fantastic Leadership Training Division to help with "knowledge". In the Member Enhancement Division we have the "Fun Activities Guide" to cover the "fun". If members aren't having fun, they won't stay on as members of the GWRRA. If we lose them, they lose out on "safety & knowledge". So, there is a guidebook that provides a huge number of ideas on how we can have fun. This is a great tool for the Chapter Directors to use.  It is a PDF file, but a little large in size.

Fun Activities Guide (Complete)  Section 1 (Getting Acquainted) Section 2 (Awards) Section 3 (Games)
Section 4 (Rides)  Section 5 (Region / District / Chapter Challenge)
Fun Activies Guide Submission Form  Chapter Shirt Competition  Chapter Jacket Competition Banner Competition Guide