Couple of the Year

Dennis & Gayle Jisa

         We are very honored to have been selected as the 2018 District Couple of the Year.  We have been in GWRRA since February of 1986.  We became active about a year later, when Chapter E was in need of a Treasurer.  Gayle volunteered and was Treasurer/Secretary for 18 years before becoming the Assistant Chapter Director, and then Chapter Director. Dennis was Goodie Person,  Road Captain, and Rider Educator where he was honored with Region Merit Award in Rider Education in 2006.  He was the Chapter Educator of the Year for 2007.  We have attended many Wing Dings, rallies and only missed a few Wingless Weekends.  We have volunteered to do bike judging and even ran Top Gun at the Wing Ding in Billings Montana.  We were on District Staff under 5 District Directors as Assistants, District Treasurer, Vendor Coordinators, Raffle Ticket Coordinators and whatever else was needed.  We then returned to Chapter E and became the Assistant Chapter Directors, again.

        Dennis has close to 900,000 miles on motorcycles and Gayle has 450,000 on the back with him.  We have traveled in 48 states, at least once, most several times, and most of Canada.  Last July we rode 4000 miles and never left Michigan!!  Needless to say, We LOVE to ride!!! We met roller-skating and have been married for 52 years.  We have 4 children, 13 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren….so far.  Dennis worked for Terex, a division of General Motors in Hudson Ohio, until 1984 when we moved to Michigan, where he worked for General Motors Truck & Bus, which he retired from in 1999.  Gayle worked at a hair salon until moving to Michigan where she opened an in home Day Care until she retired in 2016.  Dennis became a substitute school bus driver for Brandon Schools and is still employed there.  Gayle became a substitute aide on the special needs school bus in 2017.

        Dennis owned a Wizard Motor Bike but it was a basket case and never got it running.  He then got a Cushman motor scooter.  When he was 15 years old he bought an 80cu in full dressed Harley.  Then he got a 500 AJS, then a Harley XLCH Sportster, then we got married and didn’t have a bike for 10 years.  Then we bought a 1972 750 Honda.  We had that for about 65,000 miles and then found a 1981 Goldwing and then moved on to a 1986 Interstate.  Dennis bought a 1981 R100RT BMW and rode that for a while.  He totaled the 1986 when a deer ran into the side of it. (It had 96,000 miles on it.) Next came a 1997 GL 1500 SE, which we put 94,000 miles on before trading it on a 2002 YELLOW 1800 Goldwing.  (Note:  We went in to the dealer to purchase new light bulbs for the 1997 and came out with ALL new light bulbs!).  Dennis totaled this bike in Hazard Kentucky in 2011 (169,000 miles).  We then bought a 2010 YELLOW 1800, which has 104,000 miles on it.  We bought a trike kit for it in 2016 at Wing Ding in Billings Montana.

      We thank Chapter E for honoring us as their chapter couple in 2017.  We are proud to represent Michigan as the 2018 District Couple of the Year and will continue to promote GWRRA everywhere we go.  We will share our knowledge of this great association as we ride safely and having FUN doing it!

Thank you,

Dennis & Gayle Jisa

2018 District Couple of the Year

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The most visible part at all levels of GWRRA is the "Couple of the Year Program". Beginning at the Chapter level, this is a method of honoring couples for their commitment to the ideals of the GWRRA. After serving as their Chapter Couple they can attend their District's selection process. Later the District Couples may attend their Region's selection process and eventually the Region Couples can move on to the International Couple of the Year selection process at Wing Ding. We encourage all the Chapters to honor your fellow Couples and participate in the "Couple of the Year Program". If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.

The following link will take you to the GWRRA Membership Enhancement Program's Page for Couple of the year where you can find the most up to date information about the Couple of the Year Program as well as the Program Manual, Score Sheet and the most current resume.

For more information contact: Chapter Couple of the Year Coordinator: Carol Williams at 517-262-6314