Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the GWRRA? If you own a Honda Goldwing or Valkyrie, you are invited to become a Full Member. Other membership levels are available for your family, or those who ride other bikes.

How do I find a Chapter near me? Check the Chapter listings on this site. If you are still not sure which Chapter to contact, attend any GWRRA activity in your general area and ask a member. They will be happy to give you the time and place of their meetings.

How much does it cost? Full Membership is $45 per year, with other rates for other membership levels. For full details, check the on-line registration form on the National GWRRA site, or ask any member for an application.

Is there any FREE stuff? When you receive your membership packet, it will include a Gold Book, key chain, patch, decals, membership card, member pin, courtesy cards, discount offers for Wing Ding, and a one year subscription to Wing World Magazine.

What is the GoldBook?The Gold Book is a compilation of the names and addresses of GWRRA members throughout the world. It lists their phone numbers so, in the event that you are on the road and need assistance, you can call on fellow GWRRA members for anything from a simple phone call to a place to stay while your bike is in the shop. Inclusion in the Gold Book and your level of availability is voluntary.

Does my Significant Other have to join in order to ride with me? They are welcome to join if they wish, but it is not required. In addition, there are several events each year to which the entire family is invited.

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