Wings of the North 


Michigan Chapter Y, Houghton Lake

"Gold Wing Road Riders Association" 

"Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge"


The Y Team

Chapter Directors

Alex McLeod

(989) 874-5719

2017 Chapter Couple of the Year
Nick & Nancy Poole

(989) 329-4516

Assistant Chapter Directors
Theresa I. Greer

(989) 422-7961

Newsletter/Website Editor
Cheryl Allumi

Membership Enhancement

Theresa I. Greer

(989) 422-7961


Karen Alexander

Phone: 804-920-1838

Chapter Goodies

Ruth Porter


Sunshine Lady

Theresa Greer

Phone: 989-422-7961            

Chapter Brag Book

Fun Coordinator

Loraine Sparks

Phone: 989-389-7556

Michigan Wing News

Cheryl Allumi
Phone: 989-390-4650


Chapter Historian

Audrey Burgess

Phone: 989-389-4970


Ride Coordinator

Special Projects
Phyllis & Leo Hines
Phone: 989-339-1985
Public Relations
Jackie Tidball

Chapter Photographer
Dan Sparks





Ticket Sales
Ron Tidball
Phone: 989-345-1875
Tom Schnautz

 Road Captains                          Name:                  Phone Number

Neil Pifer                989-825-0245
Ted Sergent          

Phyllis Hines          989-539-5453

Ernie Gregg            989-390-5453 

Mike Allumi            989-422-4051

Duane Prince          989-873-4053

Les Gravlin              989-389-0136

Dave Becker           989-942-1928

Dan Sparks            989-329-2736
Ron Tidball             989-345-1875

Bob Millspaugh       989-802-1899

Kinney Greer           989-422-7961

Nick Poole              989-329-4516

Tom Schnautz         989-473-3069


Phone Tree Chairperson
Nancy Poole
Phone: 989-329-4516

Phone Committee
JoAnne Miano           989-345-0407
Iris Pavlick                989-685-2020

Rose Sergent            989-366-0562