Eaton County Wings


Michigan Chapter R, Charlotte

"Gold Wing Road Riders Association"


Home of the Mystery Dinner





"Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge"


Our Chapter History


Chapter charter was dated March 20,1985.  However, regular meetings date back to Sept.16 of 1984.  It was originally a spin-off of Chapter I of Battle Creek.  Our first appointed officers were Paul Sperbeck with assistant Jay Glandon and Lee Lapham. 


In l987 Duane and Roberta Harris were CD's with Dave DeFrates as ACD.


In 1988 Dave DeFrates was CD and Max Lynch was ACD.


In 1990 Jerry and Brenda Miller were CD's with no ACD listed.


In 1991 Mike Wood was CD with no ACD listed.


1993 Max and Joyce Lynch were CD's with Bob Dixon as ACD and later Jerry and Kathy Priehs and Duane and Roberta Harris as ACD's.


1995 It was Bob and Frances Dixon with ACD's Bob and Candy Andries.


1997 Bob and Candy Andries were CD's with Bob and Cheryl Snyder as ACD's


2000 Bob and Cheryl Snyder as CD's and Barry and Elaine Zink as ACD's


2002 Elaine Zink was CD with Dale and Judy Wey as ACD's , and in late 2003 Richard Lone and Jane Brangwyn took over as second ACD's.


2004 Richard Lone and Jane Brangwyn are CD's with Carol and David Slocum and Dale and Judy Wey as ACD's.


2005 Dave and Carol are CD's.


2007 Scott and Janice Ikle are the CDs with Diane and John Mayes as the ACDs.  



Chapter R gives to the following charities:

Siren Center for abused women and children in Charlotte

Salvation Army

Local Food Bank