Gold Wing Road Riders Association

Michigan District

Region D "The Great Lakes Region"


"Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge"

Michigan District Team...


District Directors

Ken Kintner & Patti Kintner

Phone: 517-265-2667(H)

Assistant District Directors:

East Central Section
Vendor Coordinators

Rob & Pam Robinson
Rob (248) 255-5859

Pam (248) 255-5860

Chapters D2, E, F, F2, L,

                    Q2, V, & V2

Assistant District Directors:

 Southeast Section



Bob & Marcia Kinsey

H (517) 458-6807

C (517) 403-1956

Chapters C, H2, J, R, S2, & W

Assistant District Directors:

Northern Section

New ADDs will be installed at the Fall Officer Meeting


Phil & Char Smock

(989) 737-6533


Chapters  C2, K2, J2, Y, & Z


Assistant District Directors:

Western Section

FUTURE- District Membership Enhancement

Rainbow Ticket Sales

2017 - Michigan District Couple of the Year

Tim & Pam Hanson
Chapters G, G2, N, R2


Phone: (734) 289-3289

Leadership Training...

District Trainers

FUTURE - District University Coordinators

Rick & Joy Hebner
Rick,  Home (989) 667-5752
Cell (989) 274-8202


Cell (989) 245-7926

Rider Education..

District Educators

Dennis & Felicia Schulte

Phone: H (989) 269-3998

D (989) 415-7496

F (989) 415-7497

FUTURE - District Ride Coordinators

Assistant District Educators

Brent & Sandy Blackburn

Brent 248-622-9448

Sandy 248-622-1509

District Motorist Awareness Officer

Medic First Aid Coordinator
Gary Williams

Couple of the Year Coordinator
Carol Williams


District Membership Enhancement...
FUTURE- ADDs Western Section

District Coordinators

Randy & Cheryl Wiggins
Phone: 231-557-4792

District Treasurers

Eddie & Charlene McDougle

Home (248) 559-6239